Thank You Kyle!

Thank You Kyle!

30th Aug 2019

Remember Kyle? He is the artist, and brave 6-year-old battling a malignant form of Lymphoma Cancer, behind the design of our very first charity greeting card launched in Spring 2019.


Thanks to Kyle’s creativity, our dedicated Associates and generous Friends, Family and Customers alike, we are able to direct $13,311 to Children’s Miracle Network Member Hospitals in communities across Canada.


Because we couldn’t have reached this milestone without him, we arranged a small thank you event to honour Kyle and his family at our Cherryhill Village Mall location. Here we celebrated his wonderful contribution to help other kids like him get better. And since we knew Kyle loves to cook, we found a little something for him that has all the ingredients fit for an aspiring chef; a virtual cooking game (so cool!). We hope he is enjoying and cooking up a virtual storm!


We wanted to recognize Kyle’s family (Mom, Dad, brothers and sister) as well for their support and dedication by presenting a gift of experience; dinner and a movie plus a Northern Reflections shopping spree (for Mom). It’s a small gesture accompanied by big appreciation for all you do.


So once again, thank you to Kyle for helping us get a little closer to ensuring every child has a chance at a happy and healthy future.







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