Northern Reflections + Lonny Doherty

Northern Reflections + Lonny Doherty

18th Apr 2019


Northern Reflections + Lonny Doherty

Lonny Doherty and his painting


Those who know Northern Reflections know that at the heart of everything we design is our uninhibited love for nature, especially, our very own Canadian landscape. Spanning all seasons, collections and styles – Our team of in-house designers has a way of incorporating beautiful symbols of Canadian nature into wearable works of art and on-trend fashion pieces.

So, it was only instinctive that, for something as special as our Iconic Vintage Logo Collection, we’d partner with someone who understands and appreciates nature as much (and as well) as we do.

We met Lonny Doherty, a celebrated Canadian artist, during the UNTAMED THINGS group art exhibition in Toronto, Ontario in September 2017. The show was a collection of paintings inspired by retracing the steps of Tom Thomson one hundred years after his untimely and mysterious death. We were immediately drawn in by Lonny’s interpretation of the Canadian landscape and his obvious connection to nature.

Doherty’s 2001 piece Warm Cloud Tangle, was ranked in the top ten of International Artist Magazine competition. But it’s his mesmerizing depiction of ‘Canisbay Lake Algonquin Park’ that caught our attention and now provides a beautiful backdrop to our Iconic Vintage Logo Collection marketing campaign.

Just as we strive to do with our quality and modern pieces, Lonny also aims to celebrate nature and bring it into people’s everyday lives.

Lonny describes his deeply-moving thoughts on the Canisbay Lake artwork in the following words:

Lonny Doherty's painting and poem



We hope our Iconic Vintage Logo Collection and our collaboration with Lonny Doherty brings a healthy dose of nature and nostalgia to everyone who experiences these limited edition pieces.


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