Meet Kacey – Our 3-year-old CMN Warrior

Meet Kacey – Our 3-year-old CMN Warrior

9th Jun 2022

Kacey is home where the heart is, thanks to SickKids.

Three-year-old Kacey is friendly, likes the outdoors and loves pets. She is everything you would expect a toddler to be but has been through more than most adults will ever experience in a lifetime.

Kacey was just a few days old when she was diagnosed with a critical heart condition.

Since then, she has bravely undergone multiple open-heart surgeries and countless procedures at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), all with her resilient mother, Katrina, her father Kody and her grandma by her side. Through it all, Kacey remained strong and determined.

Despite the challenges that came with the pandemic, Katrina shares that the team at SickKids was warm and kind, and nothing short of amazing, making a challenging time in young Kacey's life a lot easier.

“SickKids went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and taken care of,” says Katrina.

Kacey is now thriving and loves spending time with her family, including her loving great-aunt Darlene, a Northern Reflections District Sales Manager!

But most of all, Kacey is an inspiration to everyone who meets her and proof that warriors come in all shapes and sizes. The strength, positivity and courage of her family, combined with the expert help she received from hospital staff at SickKids, have all contributed to making Kacey the happy, curious girl she is today.

Because of your support, Kacey and children like her can receive the care they need to live happy, fulfilling lives.

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