7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

20th Mar 2020

It’s A Great Time To Clean Out Your Closet…

Here are 7 important questions to ask yourself to help you make the right choices!

  1. Does this fit (now)?
    A proper fit is flattering. Clothes that are too loose or baggy will make you appear heavier than you are. Bottoms should hug you in the right places.
  2. Have you worn this in the last 12 months?
    Hard and fast rule. If you haven’t worn it, donate or toss it.
  3. Is it likely I will ever wear it again?
    Be honest with yourself about the likelihood of wearing items. Why keep it if you aren’t going to wear it?
  4. Is it currently in style, or does it accurately represent my current style?
    Vintage style is in, but confidence in wearing vintage is another topic altogether. Keep it if you are comfortable in it, and are able to rock it.
  5. Is it damaged in any way and will I actually make the effort to get this repaired?
    Some repairs to clothes can be quite costly. Outweigh the time and effort involved in repairing a garment to your love for it.
  6. If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
    Trying trendy or fashion forward items is great, but re-consider them if they are going to sit in your closet unworn. Be honest, if you wouldn’t buy it now, donate it!
  7. Do I feel confident when I wear this?
    Confidence shows when you wear an outfit you feel great in. Those are the items you want to keep at hand in your closet!

A weight will be lifted once you get rid of all that extra “stuff” you no longer need. 
And remember, there are so many charitable organizations that will gladly take your gently worn, totally loved items.

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