Introducing: Northern Traditions by Northern Reflections

Introducing: Northern Traditions by Northern Reflections

25th Jun 2021

Northern Traditions: By Northern Reflections


At Northern Reflections, it’s been our goal for the last 36 years to create timeless pieces that fit and flatter a changing body, while ensuring that every woman (no matter her age or size) feels beautiful and cherished in her skin. It’s at the heart of what we do and what we stand for. 


Today, we are proud to introduce our Northern Traditions Collection, a capsule of essential pieces that radiate comfort while still providing you the unique prints and commitment to quality and exquisite detailing that are integral hallmarks of our brand. We launched this collection with the firm belief that all women should have beautiful, smart-looking clothes that celebrate her maturing body. 



Designed with your comfort as our number #1 priority, our Northern Traditions label offers practical and on-trend coordinating fashion essentials that are both, easy to style and easy to care of. With comfort-first details for easy-wear, these pieces provide her with the roomier fit she needs to move with confidence – even as her mobility may become compromised.


By choosing fabrics that are easy to wash and dry (with no ironing needed!), it means that the pieces are built to last (even in industrial machines!). We’ve taken the time and care necessary to ensure that the Northern Traditions Collection offers more than just clothes – it offers practical fashion choices for you to grow with. 


Because if there’s one thing we all know for sure – it’s that age doesn’t define style, and everyone deserves to feel fabulous over 50.



Be sure to check out our Northern Traditions collections  at a store near you or click here to explore our products!

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