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Fashion Friday-11th Edition

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Top 3 Summer Date Outfits

Heading out for date night? Summer is the perfect time for a date, especially late summer. The weather is still nice and warm, but it’s comfortable to sit outside if you choose. Plus, the sun stays out longer in the summer, giving you more time to spend outside. You can likely even watch a nice romantic sunset without having [...]

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Brighten Up Your Look with Stylish Accessories

Accessories complete your look and make you stand out. They inject a jolt of style, a splash of colour or a touch of class to whatever you’re wearing. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with some new styles and add a few more accessories to your wardrobe. It won’t be long until we’re getting back into wool hats [...]

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Stylish and Comfortable Looks for a Weekend Picnic

There’s nothing quite like the joy and serenity of a summer weekend picnic. Eating a delicious food outside with those you care about is a magical summer activity that never gets old. There’s something about enjoying a meal with the sun on your face and the grass between your toes that just feels right. Dressing for a weekend picnic [...]

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Fashion Must-Haves for Your Summer Vacation

Vacation all you ever wanted, vacation happy to get away! Summer vacation time is here! It’s time to leave your job, your chores and your responsibilities behind for a little while and enjoy yourself! A summer vacation is a great way to unwind, recharge and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It’s also an excellent time to [...]

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Beach Style Trends 2015

Summer means beach weather! It’s finally warm enough to hit the sand, relax by the water and go for a refreshing dip! This is what you’ve been waiting for all year. Whether you love to lounge on the beach with friends, enjoy yourself at a summer beach party or just unwind with the soothing sounds of the splashing water, [...]

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5 Best Office Style Ideas for Summer 2015

We hope that you’re having a great time enjoying the summer weather. Now that summer is here and the sun is shining, you probably want to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying it. However, unless you’re especially lucky, you probably still have to go into the office. Dressing for the office during the summer can be difficult. While it’s [...]

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Top 5 Colours to Have in Your Summer Wardrobe This Year

Summer has arrived! The warm weather and the longer days open up so many more opportunities. You could spend your morning gardening in your backyard, your afternoon strolling on the beach and your evening relaxing outside on a patio. You’ll want to make sure that you have an amazing summer wardrobe to go with all of the great activities available [...]

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Trendy Dress Prints for Summer 2015

Summer has arrived and that means dresses, dresses and more dresses! Don’t let this time of year pass you by! It’s the perfect time to try out a new dress style and truly embrace the freedom and fun of summer. No matter what your summer plans are, you’ll feel happier and look amazing when you’re wearing a stylish summer [...]

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